Monday, December 5, 2011

When creating legislation, whose morality should be considered as a basis, if anyones?

When our elected officials create legislation...

Should it have a basis in morality?

If so whose? The majority of the electorate? An individuals personal moral code? The morality condoned by a specific faith?|||In my opinion the guiding ideals/morals when creating laws and policies should be does it conform with the guiding principles of our nation's birth (US Constitution, Freedom, liberty, will of the people) our national character, (ideals such as human rights, our allies (true allies not the fake allies like the Saudis), and our cultural values. We have a national culture. As much as vocal racist groups like the NAACP, KKK, La Raze try to stigmatize US culture as "White" culture it's not. It's a conglomeration of hundreds of other cultures and uniquely American. There are certain values which are intrinsic to our culture such as value of education, strong work ethic, love of nation, fairness, opportunity which define what it is to be an American and no law or policy should contradict any of these guiding principles.

Next any law or policy should reflect the will of the people. What better defines tyranny than to impose the will of a third of the nation on the other two thirds?

Is it in the best interests of the nation and our people as a whole. Laws and policies that benefit only tiny subsets of our population but which hurt a significant portion of the population go against everything America stands for.

The US neither has a national faith nor prohibits expressions of faith even in politics. As such I see absolutely nothing wrong with a politician voting by faith or otherwise acting by their faith as long as it does not contradict anything above.

Failure to adhere to these principles has brought great harm to the nation. Our presidents over the last 20 years including the current president (Obama) have repeatedly violated some or all of these tenets with almost every action or legislation they signed into law.

It has to make you question not only their morality as they stuff special interest money into freezers and use campaign funding as legalized bribe money washers, but also their loyalty not only to their constituents but the nation as a whole. The way I see it is we have two parties actively committing treason against the nation. Each pointing the finger at the other when the American people calls them out for their actions. Time for the treason to STOP !|||Everyone should be able to live where they feel their morality is practiced and accepted, this calls for separation of ideologies, ergo the end of nations and the beginning of nations within nations, if you are a Christian here is your place, if you hate the death penalty here is your country, if you hate abortion here is your country, forcing people to live under rules they neither agree with or accept is oppression and that's what countries practice on their citizens.|||Whose opinion of morality?

Dems have none and never have so they have never considered it.

Honesty, Hard work and self sufficiency are to old fashioned for your kind.|||You cannot legislate morality. Each and every time over human history that it has been tried has failed. All we can do is set up laws in a way that gives basic human rights to people and educate our future generations in moral behavior.|||Morality is based upon what is accepted/'frowned upon by society so society makes these calls.

Morality, like government should be fairly secular.|||"When our elected officials create legislation..."

This is the first mistake. The unspoken premise that it is just for them to do so - it is not.|||Rules for personal behavior that are not agreed upon by a consensus of at least the vast majority of people should not be made law. The government does not need to have laws about all aspects of our lives.|||The morality within the constitution.|||Power to the ppl!|||the constitution

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